Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Sentencing Issues in Canada

Plea Bargains - Good or Bad for Canada

Capital Punishment
Bring it back? Yes or No?

What are goals of sentencing?  Which, in your opinion, should take priority?


  1. 1. 3 Things you learned
    -The different courts in Canada
    -Types of law (Civil, Criminal etc)
    -Rule of Law and the different defences to law
    2. What worked best in this class?
    -all the hands on research and projects and the court field trip was really really awesome
    3. What would you recommend?
    -a little more clarification on the canadian charter of rights and freedoms

  2. 3 Things You Learned:
    -Law is designed to serve the greatest number of people but in doing so can discriminate others.
    -Nothing is ever black-and-white.
    -A lawyer has to be, above other things, human and understand the nature of the law is complicated and an ethical mess. It’s important but at the same time can never be perfect.

    What worked best in this class:
    -I thought this was a class that really benefits from discussion that allows us to explore opinions and sides. From what I saw throughout the year, law can only rely on figures and facts so much but it all comes down to what people think and feel.

    What would you recommend:
    - Although I appreciate the idea of the currents events blog, maybe it was how it was self-led that didn’t really click to me. It’s important to be aware and raise that awareness but without deadlines throughout the year, I found myself doing the bulk of it only when I knew it’d be checked.