Tuesday, January 8, 2013

January 9 2013

Hi everyone

Welcome back to school and welcome to 2013!

I am away  visiting our regional elementary schools in preparation for our open house on January 20th.

As you know our first presentations being on January 18th.   All of you need to start finalizing your plans and preparing for your presentations.

For next new classes please work on the following:

Check out this video on a presentation style called "pecha kucha" .  You may want to use this style for your own presentations

Current Events Blogs 
Reminder to stay up to date on posting and commenting your blog and others blogs

Advanced Reading 
In preparation for upcoming presentations please to some advance reading in your textbook.  By January 16th please read pg 366-384.

Continue working on your presentations 

Please search me out or post any questions you have on this blog and I will respond to you

Thanks everyone

Mr. B 

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  1. What do we have to include in the case study, besides a summery of the case and the verdict?