Friday, August 31, 2012



Attendance is mandatory.  If a class is missed, it is up to you to find out what was missed and complete the work.  You can contact me at the school if you are away.

Notes are required for all absences.  If you are away for a test, a parent must phone me the day of the test acknowledging the fact that you have a test, and explaining why you are away.  If you miss a test, and a parent called to excuse you, you may receive Omit or be given a chance to rewrite the test.

Do not be late for class.


 It is expected that all homework and assignments are completed and submitted on the due date.   

Course Evaluation

Homework & Assignments         65% 
Tests & Quizzes                        35% 

I am looking forward to a great year.  Enjoy the class and have some fun!

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