Monday, September 24, 2012

Current Events

Read the following CBC story and related links:

1. Summarize the issue explained in the story
2. Who is involved? Name all the "parties involved.  What is each side seeking?
3. Why is this an important issue?
4. What is your opinion on this issue.  Support your opinion with some facts.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Survivor Island Scenario

You and 4 members of your group have survived a plane crash.  You are on a remote island in the Caribbean.

You have the following items:
70 bottles of water (500ml each)
first aid kit
2 blankets
box of matches
5 chocolate bars
24 bags of snack size peanuts
2 plates, 3 cups, 1 pot, 4 knives, 2 forks

Tour Task
The rescue could take several weeks.  You must survive

1. Decide upon rules that will ensure your survival and increase your chance of rescue.

2. Draft a Code of Rules that will be used to govern your "society"

Things to consider:

Who will be in charge?  How will leaders be chosen?  Will you have a leader?

How will you ensure that members follow the rules?

How will rules be enforced?

Who will enforce the punishments?

Will your rules follow "laws" known to you?  What will be the implcations if you don't follow "laws" once you are rescued?

Refection Questions:

What was the most difficult part of this exercise?

How does this relate to the concepts of the Rule of Law?

What was your biggest learning moment